About Us

HT-Limited is Business Management Consulting firm, offering support in human resources management, business development services and administration. We are accredited Business Development Service providers.

As a team of experienced professionals with the expertise and industry knowledge to understand business management requirements and offer the most practical solutions, we work at transferring our expertise to businesses through quality hiring, training, advisory, consulting and coaching.

HT-Limited is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana. We provide customized HR consulting solutions for employers looking to reduce risks and overhead costs, so more time can be spent on revenue generating activities.

We work with the owners of micro, small and mid s to gain vital business management skills, after which they can access finance and markets. Our affiliation with different organisations that give out loans and grants makes access to finance easier for the MSMEs we work with. Our Principal Consultant is a certified business coach. We are certified by International Finance Corporation (IFC) to train SMEs using the  SMEToolkits  platform.