Business Continuity Plan Training

Introduction to Business Continuity & Resilience Supporting MSMEs in Nigeria in time of crisis

MSMEs and their workers are hard-hit by the present COVID-19 outbreak, local crisis and related economic downturn. In response to the crisis, governments and enterprises are implementing strategies to minimize the negative impacts, supporting business operations and protecting workers’ rights, heading towards resilience.


There are a range of policy and programming options to support MSMEs during different types of crises, including the present Covid-19 crisis. These policies can be of diverse nature: fiscal, monetary, financial, foreign exchange, foreign trade, labor and social. Which policies and support programs are more adequate in the present situation, depends on the local context as well as on the available resources.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop’s main objective is to help and support MSMEs to develop and implement the content of a Business Continuity and Resilience plan to implement in their businesses; maintain their operation protect their working capital; protect their employment and social security workforce while maintaining social cohesion and social dialogue.

The workshop period is for 6 full days. It can be squeezed into half days and can be divided into 2 separate workshop/subjects 1) Business Continuity 2) Resilience at work.

Upon successful completion, the participating MSMEs will be able to anticipate, identify, assess, and prepare responses to crises that threaten not only the financial status but also the sustainability and survival of the enterprise.

Place of Work:

Workshop conducted virtually via Zoom. Attendees to have a proper Internet connection. (If possible 4G)



About the Facilitator

Most important things to know about Jamil Assemaani

Jamil Assemaani

  1. Master Licensee of ActionCOACH (USA).
  2. Over 30 years of work experience in Lebanon and in the GCC.
  3. Before joining ActionCOACH network in 2012, I held several positions in sales and marketing management in many industries.
  4. With ActionCOACH, I helped business owners to develop their business, make it more profitable, and take it to the next level.
  5. Concurrently, I taught in different universities in Lebanon and abroad and conducted various training and development programs for my clients’ teams.
  6. My clients range from service providers, automotive dealers to retail and wholesale businesses, international organizations (ILO; UNESCO) to NGOs, etc.

Workshop/Program Content

A. Know your business priorities:

B. Analyze the risks

C. Reduce the impact of the risks

D. Identify response actions

E. Resilience at work

F. Design and implement your 90 days Business Continuity Plan

G. Communicate your plan

H. 11 Steps the business needs to prepare for and actions you need to take NOW …

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