Start Your Business


A plan without structure crumbles, so is a brand without core values, all these contribute to building a successful business. Sign up for our 5-day SYB (Start Your Business) to know more about this.

Start Your Business

The training includes nine parts as follows:

  • Business plan - Introduction
  • Reinforce your business idea
  • Marketing plan
  • Staffing
  • Organization and management
  • Buying for your business
  • Costing your goods and services
  • Financial planning
  • Start-up capital
  • Finalize your business plan
  1. To describe the content of a Business Plan.
  2. To consolidate your business idea.
  3. To translate your business idea into a completed Business Plan.
  4. To assess your readiness for starting a business.
  • This training lasts for five days spread over two weeks. Training starts from February 1st - February 12th, 2021.
  • Start Your Business (SYB) is a manual for people who have a practical business idea and want to start a new business.
  • It introduces the proper steps for starting a business and creating a Business Plan for the proposed venture.
  • Participants get an SYB Business Plan booklet which is to be completed as you go through the training at the end of which participants will have a bankable business plan.


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Testimonials from Past Participants


Berah Havens Limited

My name is Adebisi, I attended the program last year in August, I was tremendously impacted starting from the beginning of the course to the end, I always look forward to coming to class every time I enjoyed the company of my colleagues and the warm reception of our coach from the beginning. The game part of the training is what I loved most, it demystify several problems I have in running my business and made me see my business from a new perspective, it helps me to see what I was doing wrong in running my business and taught me to make changes I learned how to do my business better I learned to write a simple business plan tailored for my business need I learned to manage my I resources well.

Damilare Solaja

Daresumptuous Foods

This is an experiential training organised by HT Limited: a distinguished business consulting firm. The training is highly participatory and insightful. This is one training that I have never regretted participating in. I also like the way the participants' businesses were used as case studies during the cause of the training. The training has inspired me to rethink the way I plan my business and to put some necessary structures in place. From the training, I have learnt how to write a detailed business plan and how to do product costing which I am currently putting to use. I recommend 'Start Your Business' training to anyone in business irrespective of your years in business or if you are planning to start one.

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