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Do You Need Access To Finance?

Do You Need Access To Finance?

Accumulated evidence has shown that financial access promotes growth for enterprises through the provision of credit to both new and existing businesses. Involuntary some business owners want to use financial services, but do not have access due to a variety of reasons: First, they may be unbankable because their low income prevents them from being served commercially (i.e profitably) by local or international financial institutions. Second; the price or features of financial services may not be appropriate for some population groups (Wikipedia).

Look no further to access much-needed finance for your business

At HT Business consulting we have access to limitless resources in providing the necessary support for the growth and development of businesses in Nigeria. One is providing access to finance to small and medium scale companies by linking them to the Bank of Industry.

Bank of Industry Limited is the oldest and largest Development Finance Institution currently operating in Nigeria. This means Bank of the Industry provides assets for financing loans, working capital loans, consumer loans, and group loans. Yes, maybe you know about the Bank of Industry or you’ve heard of them, but you’ve been trying to get a loan but you don’t know the process or how to package your documents for the loan, then do not worry because we have you covered.   Our primary assignment is to enhance the structure of businesses, especially SMEs through innovative management of all resources, coaching/mentoring, and the deployment of cutting-edge human capital management tools thereby increasing value for all our stakeholders.

HT business Consulting will help you write a business plan, package your documents and help you facilitate your loan process with the Bank of Industry (BoI).

Your days of worrying about how to get access to a loan from the Bank of Industry are over; because that is why we are here. You can trust us with this. We can do it for you. All you need to do is to fill out this form to get started. Or you visit any of our social media platforms for more information.

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